Nicola Zambello

Frontend Developer @ RawMaterial

Plone Foundation member

Volto team



What is Remix

  • Based on react-router
  • Everything is a form
  • #usetheplatform

Full-stack JavaScript Web Framework

Why plone-remix?

  • Performances
  • SSR-first with partial hydration
  • I need something lightweight
  • Projects from blank page

Volto demo:

Volto demo:

What plone-remix is

  • Plone frontend
  • TypeScript
  • CSS framework agnostic
  • Volto blocks rendering
  • Project template

What I've done

  • Catch-all route for contents
  • i18n and multilingual handling
  • RenderBlocks from Volto (in TS)
  • Blocks views from Volto (in TS)

Plone REST API Client

"Show me the code!"

Online demo

plone-remix demo: