A Volto story:

building a website by prototyping

Nicola Zambello

Nicola Zambello

Frontend developer @ RedTurtle



Frontend developer. Advocate of privacy and social rights. Pilot.


A developer using python with python

A common story

  1. A Frontend Dev
  2. A side project
  3. No time

Let's try Volto!



Pros and cons

  1. Opportunity to try new stuff
  2. Cool UI React-based
  3. Continuously updating
  4. Using Plone as CMS
  1. No experience with it
  2. No clear idea on estimating
  3. Continously updating/changing
  4. Docs


  • Simple and small website
  • No UI wireframes and simple design
  • Plone users management and security 👍

npx create-volto-app

...and it's done!



It's styling time!

Add custom tiles if needed



  • Nice dev experience
  • Pastanaga/Semantic is a good base
  • Semantic UI theming engine
  • Editors UX
  • Plone CMS, with users management and security
  • Easy to deploy with pm2
  • Lean process by prototyping and iterations
So the meaning of life is having fun

̶  Linus Torvalds